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Tips and Tricks to get your home market ready

Thinking about selling your home or investment property. Take some of the pressure off with these small fixes that can make a big impression.

Clean Everything. Dust & Dirt are distractions. Cleanliness is a sign to buyers that the home they are interested in has been well taken care of and in tact.

Let the light in. Pull open the curtains and draw the blinds. Replace burnt out bulbs. Lastly, open the doors to the bedrooms to make the space feel larger, especially in smaller rooms.

Fix anything that is broken. If it cant be fixed replace it. Can not replace, get rid of it. This will help you get the best offers from potential buyers. ie: Fences, plumbing, electrical & switches are a plus too.

Let the fresh air in. People are more often the shorten the home tour when a unpleasant smell is present. Smells that may offend are tobacco, pets, cooking and musty or sour laundry. Other smells that attract positive attention are baked goods or cinnamon.

Paint. Instead of scrubbing all the walls, grab a few gallons of neutral paint color. There is not much else that will add instant value to a home.